Services Offered

Our Ministry
The Butte Unity Center offers a full range of ministerial services. We invite you to call
upon us for loving support during any of life’s challenging or celebratory occasions. To
discuss your needs or interests, please call the minister’s office at 406-723-5444

Service of Holy Union

We respect the wonderful variety of human relationships. Unity offers a service of Holy
Union to sanctify the commitment made by two individuals to share their human lives
and their spiritual growth in partnership.

Memorial Service

When a loved one makes the transition to the next stage of experience, we gather to
acknowledge the accomplishments of that life. We cherish together the warm memories
of that individual expression of the Christ Light among us.

Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual counseling provides solace during life challenges that are too difficult to face
alone. Guidance from a divine perspective can often provide powerful insights for
dealing with difficulties.

House, Office or Business Blessings
We believe that the Truth taught by Jesus is practical for our modern-day way of life.
This understanding enriches our dedication of the physical spaces in which we live and

We reject the doctrine of Original Sin. The birth of a human life is a fresh occasion for
the expression of the Christ Light. We celebrate this opportunity for a new and unique
reflection of God.

Weddings and Vow Renewals

On the happy occasion of marriage, we can design a wedding service tailored to almost
any spiritual need, cultural tradition, or life circumstance. The
$125 honorarium includes meeting with the wedding couple and wedding coordinator, a
rehearsal, and the wedding itself. Travel over 20 miles is additional.

To inquire, call 406-723-5444